In 1913, more than a hundred years ago, George Vasileiou, opens his bookstore in the heart of Athens.

Born in 1888 in a north suburb, as a kid started working in the printing industry. As a teenager, he takes a job in a local bookstore.

A few years later, he is returning from the war and opens his own bookstore. Originally he publishes Legal textbooks, and two years later, literature.

No many years had passed till he becomes well-known in the publishing circles. Authors and poets were stopping by his store to socialize.  Kostas Karyotakis, a well-known current poet, refers to “Vasileiou" in a poem as a hangout of intellectuals.

More than a century has passed and the brand still belongs to the family. The grandson’s family is in the business now.

With more than a thousand titles, more than a thousand authors, Vasileiou Publishing stays in public!


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